The Time Machine

The Time Machine

By HG Wells

Admittedly, I read this for a class. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I tend to shy away from “classics” because I am of the firm belief that this categorization is meaningless and most “classics” suck (namely, anything by Jane Austen and A Tale of Two Cities).

Anyway, The Time Machine is an exemplary novella because it is one of the first examples of science fiction. I was surprised at what an easy piece of reading it was- totally enjoyable, totally approachable.

Do you really need me to give you any sort of synopsis? Really? Okay. So, a nameless time traveler invents a time machine, goes on a whirlwind adventure into the future and then comes back to tell people about it, who, of course, doubt the validity of his story.

I’m not sure it inspired me to ramble on but there also aren't any major complaints. It was enjoyable and interesting to read how Wells decided to invent time travel within fiction. Read it.

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