Going Solo

Going Solo

By Roald Dahl

I finished Boy with a desperate hunger for more and, thankfully, Going Solo was there to satisfy my appetite!

This book is Dahl’s autobiography once he became an adult (right where Boy left off). Even though I hadn’t thought it possible, Dahl’s adult adventures are even more entertaining and unexpected than those of his childhood.

I never would have imagined him to have led such a spectacular life. But, then again, knowing his creative mind, it only makes sense that his was life was wild and unique enough to provide adequate inspiration.

Going Solo is titled so based on Dahl’s experience as a pilot during WWII. I learned things I had never before known about the world war effort and, oddly enough, I learned interesting things about life in Africa. The story of Dahl’s plane crash and encounter with a hungry lion are completely stuck in my brain and I find myself thinking back to these events throughout my day- I can’t believe this stuff actually happened to him- or anyone, for that matter.

From adoring and being an avid fan of Roald Dahl, I can honestly say that I feel as though I now know him- like a grandfather who has told me the most incredible stories from his life. After reading these two books, I now have a very deep respect for Dahl, the life he lived, his humor in recounting it, and the creativity he used to apply his life to his fiction.

This is a truly wonderful read.

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