A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows

By George R.R. Martin

I was a little nervous to read the fourth installment as I had not heard the best things about it. But, I figured, I was already on the Game of Thrones journey so I might as well keep going. And here’s the thing: this book does not suck.

I expected it to but it is more an issue of delaying the gratification of knowing what is going on with certain characters who had INCREDIBLE storylines in the third book but are nowhere to be found in this one. Martin explains at the end that this book is meant to be a two-parter with the fifth book- and that he wanted to provide the full story for half of the book’s characters rather than half the story for all of them. It worked, I thought, and made me all the more pumped for the fifth book!

A Feast for Crows is definitely a bit slower than the others, but it serves to deepen the impact of the overall plot. I was nervous to see that many of the chapters were from Cercei’s perspective- I don’t want to like her, I don’t want to know anything about her because she is such an evil bitch. But, surprisingly, though Martin uses these chapters with other characters to round them out for the reader, Cercei’s only make her more despicable. This woman is worse than I had ever thought because she so firmly stands behind her actions.

It really picked up in the end with choice items of information being revealed and one of the best plot surprises ever (though I can’t really say anything, now can I?)

I hate reviewing these books because I have to be so freaking vague. Ugh. Know this: this book is not going to provide satisfaction from where book four leaves off but it will provide further intrigue to the overall plot- one that I cannot wait to continue in book five!!

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  1. Wish we could get a coffee together and discuss! We can in December, but you forget all the incredible details the longer it is after you read it...


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