by Vladimir Nabakov

This is a book I've always wanted to read and am so happy that I finally made the time.

Lolita is one of those books that you've heard about a million times: you know the basic idea and figure that there's probably not much to surprise you (or at least that was what I thought).

This novel is written from the perspective of Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged Frenchman who is... well, for lack of any better term (even as he might describe himself) a pedaphile. He narrates the story brilliantly, justifying his attraction to young girls, explaining what makes a little girl a nymphet, and portraying his perspective in a way where you ALMOST forget that he is a man who lusts for children rather than a poetic, artistic lover.

I loved the narrative style, which was vulgar and yet somehow poetically subtle.

There are a LOT of details in this book, almost to an obnoxious degree, but once you become familiar with Humbert, the details fit his character and mentality perfectly.

As anyone who reads my reviews knows, I am not afraid to say when a "classic" book sucks. This book, does not suck. Not even close.

I am always a fan of the anti-hero and love any book that can make me feel for a dispicable or otherwise unlikable person (The Stranger, The Driver's Seat, Hour of the Star...just to name a few) and Lolita delivers on a whole other level.

This story is haunting, lovely yet grotesque, thrilling, subtle, erotic in the dirtiest way, poetic, and definitely worth reading.

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