Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

By John Ajvide Lindqvist

I normally advise against reading a book AFTER seeing a movie- particularly this one because I absolutely loved the movie and worried that the book would either disappoint or that the movie would become a distraction when the book was different. Happily, if there were any issues, they faded away quickly. If anything, after reading the book, the film seems almost painfully simple.

Let the Right One In is the story of a young loner boy who befriends a strange young girl who is a new tenant in his apartment complex. Since her arrival, he feels empowered and no longer lonely, but also a string of horribly violent murders begin to occur. Yes, it is a vampire story, which is no major mystery but it is, by far, the most haunting, unique, and compelling vampire story I have ever encountered.

The novel is divided into short sections from different characters’ perspectives. Admittedly, some of these can seem extremely over-detailed and will leave you feeling like “why do I care about every random Joe in this freaking town? When will it get to the goods?” And honestly, once you establish who doesn’t actually matter to the meat of the story, it is safe to scan- I did and it didn’t affect the actual story for me at all. Though, be careful because some seemingly pointless perspectives give way to unexpected plot twists. There are also some details that seem completely random and unnecessary- one is actually pretty huge, but I still can’t decide what the POINT of it is.

I love Lindqvist’s style of writing as it is poetic and dramatic. At the same time, there are fragments that can leave any English grammar stickler frustrated to the point where you might have to make a conscious effort to not pay too much attention. After that, you’ll go with the flow and be thankful that you did.

Overall, this is a great book particularly for anyone who wouldn’t mind ( I am tempted to say- sinking your teeth into) reading a vampire book that isn’t a “vampire book”- if you catch my meaning.

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